Heartbeat. New Single.

Hey all, 

Hope you are all well.

i woke up a while ago at 2 am with a melody in my head. I left the bedroom (so as not to wake up Michelle) and hummed it into my phone to…

Autumn Leaves

Why did you glide away like windborne seeds?, 

Who found themselves dancing on a gentle breeze, 

Drifting by swooning, crooning Acer trees, 

Flirting with fireflies and autumn leaves 🍁  

You sailed away callously on Atlantic oceans,  

Now we are exposed…


Book Preview.

I started to realise that some of the people on my Facebook are not looking out for me and started to even suspect certain people were out to get me. I eventually realised that these people are likely a select…


25/05/2019 - Fragile.

Hi all.  

Apologies for the lack of music recently. Me and my missus had to move house in March as the landlord decided to sell up. We moved into another nearby village and ended up living next door to a…