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Autumn Leaves  

Why did you glide away like windborne seeds?, 

Who found themselves dancing on a gentle breeze, 

Drifting by swooning, crooning Acer trees, 

Flirting with fireflies and autumn leaves 🍁  

You sailed away callously on Atlantic oceans,  

Now we are exposed and broken like our hearts have frozen, 

You were meant to breathe and dream, because we had chosen,  

To put all of our trust in a moment so abruptly stolen.  

Why did you ride to us like a Trojan horse of thorns?, 

That charged fearlessly, dragging wild thunder storms, 

That woke us in the early hours of the dawn, 

A vision of a future that was already torn, 

The breeze became weary, she dwindles to a snooze 

The seed sinks from the sky like the drops of dew. 

Together, with time, we will see this through,  

I’m certain of that but the fact is it’s true 


That we’ll never get to see 

You flirt with fireflies or dance in the autumn leaves 🍁