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Unchartists - A Spotify playlist for musicians.  

Unchartered Artists – A playlist. 

Playlists play a significant role in the promotion of underground and independent bands and artists these days. There is no denying that one of the best ways to get your music heard is through playlists with significant followers. 

If you can get your song on a playlist, then that is great news. Irrespective of the size of the playlist or number of followers it has. Afterall, any promotion helps us to gain traction. 

It’s important for artists to support other artists too along the way. 

One of the problems I have encountered is that, to get featured on playlists, many of the curators require you cross their hand with gold. This leaves you feeling less like you have earned your place there as you have bought your way in. 

There are also other methods, where you are encouraged to follow the playlist and the curators on social media with the promise that your song will get added to the playlist. In my experience, having done this many times, I have never found myself on any of them. I quickly realised that this is not a genuine way of getting your music heard. 

These playlists get a clear majority of followers, sure, but they are likely thousands of other musicians primarily hoping that their song will be featured, rather than genuine listeners with a real interest in the content. 

I want to help other bands and artists get discovered without shelling out money. 

Because of this, I have created a playlist “Unchartists” on Spotify. It is a collaborative playlist that enables artists to add their own music into the mix. 

This is a collaborative playlist, so you can add your own songs to it. 

This is an idea I have had for a while, to make something where people can share their music for free. This is not genre restrictive, you can add your music regardless of what category it falls under. 

I want this to be a place where people can go to experience a vast and diverse expanse of a variety of music from lesser known artists and subsequently help us all to grow. 

There are no real rules here, however, I would request the following please as a courtesy: 

Please only add a maximum of 3 songs. 3 songs that really show what you are capable of. Please don’t spam the playlist or I will have to remove some tracks. 

If you add your songs to the playlist, please share it with your audience 

  • Encourage people to listen to the music, follow the playlist and share what they are enjoying. Granted, with such a variety of genres, not everybody will like everything, but every music fan will enjoy some things in there. 
  • Please share the playlist everywhere you possibly can 
  • Feature it on your website 
  • Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (#chartists) – Personal accounts and your band / artist accounts if you feel comfortable with that. 
  • Do a blog post / Vlog about it. 
  • Encourage other artists / bands to add their music & ask them to share the link around too. 
  • If you have Spotify for Artists maybe feature the playlist on your artist / bands Spotify page. 

It’s mutually beneficial. The more people that share it, the more it grows. The more it grows, the more followers we get. The more followers we get, the more listeners we all get. The more listeners we get, the more our audiences grow. 

Maybe have a browse through it as it grows too, you may find other artists to collaborate, remix or work with. 

I have kicked the playlist off with my own song to start off with – Losing Control. 

One last thing be respectful of the playlist. Please don't rearrange and drag your song to the top of the playlist - that's just rude. 

Please do not just dump your music in this playlist and not share it around. It is not here as a platform to benefit just you, it is here to benefit musicians as a collective.   

With all that being said - here is the link:


BCB Radio Interview - Eqavox - 01/08/2019 between 22:00 - 23:00.  

Hey all, 

Tomorrow evening I am heading into the BCB studio to be interviewed about my music by Michelle Dalgety. 

We are going to play some of my songs and chat about my music. 

The show is being recorded tomorrow evening between 19:00 - 20:00 but it will be aired on Thursday 1st August between 22:00 - 23:00. 

If you happen to be otherwise engaged, don't worry as I will ensure you are able to catch up with the show afterwards. 

If, however, you can be there with us, that would be fantastic & appreciated.

I will try to get some pictures uploaded Tuesday night / Wednesday of me in the studio and generate a bit of hype for it. 

Thank you to Yorkshire Music Collective for the opportunity and for continually supporting independent artists - you can find them below:

  • Website: 
  • Facebook Group: 
  • Soundcloud:

The show will be broadcast on the BCB Radio website - feel free to give the link below a sneaky bookmark & maybe set up a reminder. 


See you there :)




BCB Radio 106.6FM - Upcoming Radio Interview.  

Hi All, 

Thursday 1st August I will be joining Michelle Dalgety in the BCB radio studio (106.6FM) for an interview about all things Eqavox. 

We are going to hang out, chat about music and play some of my tunes.

There will also be loads of other brilliant tunes thrown in the mix by various local and unsigned artists. 

The show will air Thursday 1st August between 22:00 - 23:00 GMT. 

You can listen on the good old fashioned radio or, alternatively on the BCB website, below:

You will be able to catch up with the show on the website too after it has aired if you happen to miss the broadcast. 

I will post more about this nearer the time but it's definitely something to add to your reminders and calendars. 

Hope you can join us. 

Thank you to Yorkshire Music Collective, BCB Radio andMichelle Dalgety for their continued support of unsigned and emerging artists. 


Heartbeat. New Single.  

Hey all, 

Hope you are all well.

i woke up a while ago at 2 am with a melody in my head. I left the bedroom (so as not to wake up Michelle) and hummed it into my phone to record it. 

Then, some lyrics joined the melody the following day;

”I can feel your heart beat, feel your heart beat, feel your heart beat baby, as we dive into these car seats, down these dark streets”

”That would make some sort of catchy and sexy chorus”, I recall thinking.

Fast forward to a week later and here I am with the entire song written and recorded, mixed and mastered. 

Now I have a music video to that song and I’m really really excited to release it tomorrow (Saturday) - or later today really as it’s just turned midnight here.

The last few months have been torture mental health wise. I couldn’t have made it through without Michelle. I couldn’t have made it through without music either.

I haven’t been creating much but I’ve been listening to a lot of music to help me through the dark times. I just didn’t have the energy to record - I’ve been too anxious and depressed to even consider it which, in turn, was incredibly frustrating. 

I firmly believe wholeheartedly that I make my best work after the hard times are over and think “Heartbeat” is a prime example of that. 

If you like the song, just wait till you see the video to it 😧🤯. 

Im hoping to promote my music more heavily once I’ve recovered fully from everything that’s happened recently and have a radio interview scheduled for next month too (more in that later though) 😉.

The song is available digitally in most places now so do feel free to check it out please, share it around, tweet it etc and help me kick start the promotion ball rolling. 

Catch you shortly and take care 👍.