Heartbeat. New Single.

Hey all, 

Hope you are all well.

i woke up a while ago at 2 am with a melody in my head. I left the bedroom (so as not to wake up Michelle) and hummed it into my phone to record it. 

Then, some lyrics joined the melody the following day;

”I can feel your heart beat, feel your heart beat, feel your heart beat baby, as we dive into these car seats, down these dark streets”

”That would make some sort of catchy and sexy chorus”, I recall thinking.

Fast forward to a week later and here I am with the entire song written and recorded, mixed and mastered. 

Now I have a music video to that song and I’m really really excited to release it tomorrow (Saturday) - or later today really as it’s just turned midnight here.

The last few months have been torture mental health wise. I couldn’t have made it through without Michelle. I couldn’t have made it through without music either.

I haven’t been creating much but I’ve been listening to a lot of music to help me through the dark times. I just didn’t have the energy to record - I’ve been too anxious and depressed to even consider it which, in turn, was incredibly frustrating. 

I firmly believe wholeheartedly that I make my best work after the hard times are over and think “Heartbeat” is a prime example of that. 

If you like the song, just wait till you see the video to it 😧🤯. 

Im hoping to promote my music more heavily once I’ve recovered fully from everything that’s happened recently and have a radio interview scheduled for next month too (more in that later though) 😉.

The song is available digitally in most places now so do feel free to check it out please, share it around, tweet it etc and help me kick start the promotion ball rolling. 

Catch you shortly and take care 👍.


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