If you could work with anyone who would you work with?

Hey all, 

I had the above question fired at me in response to my last blog post prompting people to ask me questions so I thought I would respond as a blog post as there is it's a pretty big question. 

Let's say that I was signed to some huge label like, I don't know, Sony for example. Somebody with the clout to get any guest appearances on an album I was working on. Who would I choose? 

Ed Sheeran would be one without a doubt. I see a lot of similarities between Ed and myself. He's like the more successful, ginger, version of me in a way. We both started off doing cheeky little acoustic songs and have both developed over the years. I love that Ed is bold enough to do whatever he wants, he's not afraid of being labelled as a pop star. His latest collaboration album shows that he's not afraid to be bold and experiment with a variety of genres which is something I can totally get behind. I never really know what Ed is going to come out with next but can guarantee it will be stuck in my head regardless of the genre. I think we would bounce some ideas around and come up with something really unique together. 

I used to be afraid of the "Pop" label and I get the feeling that maybe Ed was too in the past. I think it takes a real boldness to create whatever you want and not care about the labels or opinions. I stopped fearing the "Pop" label too and stopped forcing myself to do only one certain genre. It's liberating and keeps music fun, which is what it's all about at the end of the day. Why box yourselves in? 

(Worth noting that the comparisons I make between myself and any mentioned artists here are entirely subjective, I am not arrogant enough to put myself on the same level as them in any respect - just some similarities)

Mike Shinoda would definitely be another one. Mike has always been strikingly diverse musically too. He's another artists that keeps me on my toes with his songs. I always loved Linkin Park growing up but they lost me somewhere along the way. I can't figure out why, I guess their new music didn't really speak to me or I didn't really respond to it on a personal level anymore. Whatever the reason was, they were still incredible nevertheless throughout their whole career. I have to say though that "Post Traumatic" is one of my favourite musical ventures mike has done. It's refreshing to hear and experience life from his view rather than as part of Linkin Park. It also shows he is a highly talented and multifaceted musician, producer and writer in his own right and wasn't just feeding off the energy of Linkin Park but was actively enhancing it throughout their journey with his input. 

I Reckon me and Mike could really click together musically too. I love that he blends so many different genres into his music. Pop, Rock, Dubstep, Electronica ... There's a whole spectrum of musical techniques and ideas that he just manages to combine incredibly well. 

This is something I like to do too with my music. I will try anything musically, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but at least I gave it a shot. If something doesn't work, I usually find a way to make it work. I would definitely have to work with Mike, I often wonder what sort of crazy mash up we would make together given the opportunity.

This blog literally could go on forever if I go into this much detail for every artist so I will just round off with some brief Honourable Mentions: 

Poppy - Same as above really, she keeps me guessing and surprised every time she brings new music out which I admire. 

Eminem - Because, well, Eminem ... 

She Wants Revenge - Because I would have to harness that dark, eerie Gothic vibe they have going on and merge it with my style, that would be interesting. 

- Eqavox 

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