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Hey all, 

Hope you are all doing good. 

I have recently really been attempting to promote my music more proactively than usual.

In the past, I have lacked the confidence to do so, but I have spent far too long seeing so many of my musical peers put the effort and time in and actually progress while I get left behind. 

I don't know whats more disheartening, watching your friends grow and progress to a level you wish you were at and mightily surpass you, or trying to promote your music only to face rejection 99% of the time. 

Below are a select few of the places I have reached out to in order to try to help me out:

  • BBC introducing 
  • Anrfactory 
  • Indiepulsemusic 
  • Submit hub - multiple submissions (100 submissions to different bloggers, reviewers, podcasters, broadcasters, twitch streams etc ...) 
  • Aurgasm 
  • Omarimc 
  • Radio Warwickshire 
  • Pop justice 
  • Label radar 
  • Indiemusicreview 
  • Gorillavsbear

This takes up a huge amount of time. Time I could be otherwise utilising towards making my next song instead. I do, however, understand that without promoting your music you are unlikely to progress. 

BBC Introducing have listened to my song but that doesn't necessarily mean they will play it. In fact, it's likely that they won't because they have never enjoyed any of my stuff. 

Submithub was 99% rejections. Rejection after rejection after rejection after rejection after rejection. The worst part of this was that I was paying good money just to be rejected too, literally pissing away money. 

I have given Facebook Advertising a chance and boosted my music video to "Heartbeat". 3 days down the line, money was being taken from my account but there were no likes, comments, shares or any interaction whatsoever. So I burned away even more money and achieved nothing. I cancelled the advert down eventually before they took more money from me for something I was gaining nothing from. 

I submitted "Heartbeat" to Monstercat only to be rejected by two of the labels they affiliate with thus far. 

Of my many emails I have sent out to local, independent radio stations I have had zero response. 

I am trying to find gig opportunities but find myself staring into the void because my music won't fit in in the majority of local venues. 

It's not all doom and gloom though. I have had some support from a number of people now. People who are sharing, retweeting etc. People who are playing my tunes on their online radio shows. I also have a radio interview later this month (More on that shortly). 

I never thought this would be easy but it is so easy to feel crushed when you are putting so much time into trying to make something of yourself only to feel like you are talking to the wind. 

I would like to thank the people who are supporting me though. There are many people I know who have been around for a long, long time now with me and I have also noticed some new supporters emerging. 

Your support means everything to me and I am by no means ungrateful. No amount of rejections could shadow your support or make me forget about you all. You are all the reason I carry on. 

Please, please help out and proactively listen to smaller, independent artists. It's exhausting work for them to try to promote their work, especially without any backing from anybody influential. We all need your help to spread the word about our music. 

I aim to keep at it, regardless of how it makes me feel. As I say, some positives are also coming of it so I aim to just stop focusing on the negatives so much. 

Thanks for taking the time to read, 


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