Once Upon A Time ...

Colours seemed so much brighter as a child. The world was so unassuming. I chased butterflies through fields, trying to grasp them. I watched through shadowy windows, the sun piercing a dusty dawn. Dispersing a cerise sky. I watched the sun scatter dreams from her eyes like cinders and smoke on hypnotic airstreams.  

Now, the colours have faded. The world is demanding. I listen for silence through echo chambers of gloom, trying to mute them. I gaze through vibrant windows. Sinister shades spiral in over green meadows. I saw the sun burn out years ago, swept away like embers in a tempest.  

It’s difficult for me to put into words really, the above is the closest I have got to date. It’s merely a reflection that life as a child was incredibly relaxing and happy. I was content, so I had the time to appreciate the world around me and observe things that were beautiful, things that you take for granted as you get older:  

  • Sunrises and sunsets.  
  • Crisp, hazy mornings where dew dozes on leaves of the drooping trees.  
  • Damp grass, ornate with shimmering raindrops that dance as you amble through them.  
  • Autumn Leaves. A cacophony of warm colours to fuel our souls through the cold, dead winter.  
  • Rainbows.  
  • Frozen, icy meadows smothered with frosty silk. Flamboyantly gleaming.  
  • Snow.  
  • Icicles clutch to skeletal trees. Shimmering vibrantly as they thaw.  
  • Neon florid skies, cloudless skies, bloodshot skies, auburn skies.  
  • Clouds that morph into a million ideas, only to dissipate like modicums of silt in the ocean.  
  • Gazing through the night at distant city lights that invoke deep, ethereal moods of marvel.  
  • Observing the cosmos through the inquisitive mind of a child who dreams the days away imagining where it all ends.  
  • Contemplating the moon, the universe, the stars and the ceaseless heartbeat of eternity. An infinity you can gawp into but on no occasion understand.  
  • Becoming motionless as you sit, indulging in stasis, scouring boundless skylines for drifting satellites.  
  • The overwhelming and absurd fact that the beacons of light that burst and sparkle in the remoteness may not exist anymore.  
  • Fires that crackle and snap. Frenzied embers flourishing up to the sky, pirouetting alongside sluggish cinders into drowsy atmospheres.  
  • Heat pulsing over frozen, weary bones. Warmth.  

Everything was enhanced when I was younger. My senses were fiercely sharp. Everything was beautiful and curious, exciting and mysterious. There was so much to do, so much to see, so much to love. 

To quote some beautiful lyrics from The Birthday Massacre from their song "In This Moment":  

When I was younger  
The days all seemed to last  
So much longer  
But that was once upon a time ... 

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