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Coming up ... 

Welcome everyone to 2019 and my new website. There are a lot of things rumbling away I’m looking into for this year. 

I am currently working on a few new tracks. One of which is a song about mental illness that I plan  to release and sell with proceeds going to Mind charity. Sounding really promising so far. 👍

Another track is a totally out of character - audacious rap song full of hilariously out of place bravado / braggadocio and needless swearing 🤬. I began this track ironically for a laugh but I have to admit that it’s really, really growing on me. I’m looking to get Johnny Massacre to add his unique flair of madness to it to finish it off and release this soon too. 

Yet another track has rap elements but has a solid and distinctive Pet Shop Boys style musically. It’s an interesting combination but I think it will be a big hit should it ever get finished 👍. 

Another thing - I have a couple of new cameras I plan to use and hope to storyboard out and edit together some music videos to existing songs. 

And finally I am looking at selling music royalty free via a number of websites - I’d like to eventually make a living off music so I’m looking into options to seriously make this happen. 

All up to date for now - check back for more later 👍🎶.