Let's begin with my most popular remixes to date - the Savlonic remixes. I remember remixing "Wandering Eye" one night years and years ago (before even their first album, Red, had been thought of). I uploaded it to Youtube and expected nothing to come of it. 

I woke up, however, to over 16,000 views because Weebl (Jonti Picking) had liked the remix enough to share it. 

This led to Jonti contacting me about the plans for their album. There was a big meeting of Youtubers in Leeds and I got chatting to him about the plans for what would become "Red". I told him it would be an honour to be a part of it. 

The journey began with me doing a couple of remixes of "Android". The initial remix was very Chiptune inspired. I sent this off to Jonti and we both decided it just wasn't enough of a departure in style from the original version. So, I went back to the drawing board. 

A couple of days later I approached Jonti with a second remix. An ambient, ethereal, mellow and beautiful remix of "Android" that really set a completely different tone to the original track. It was fused with a hint of melancholy that I felt really embraced the sincerity of the lyrics. We both agreed that this was THE remix. 

"Android" was featured on "Red" on the CD, Vinyl and digital versions of the record. You can indulge in "Android" below. Since 2014 it has racked up over 60 thousand plays and is easily the most successful video on my youtube channel to date. What An incredible album to be a part of too. 

Android - Eqavox Remix

However, Jonti had sent me all the stems for the entire album and I just couldn't stop remixing the songs - I loved them all. I ended up remixing the following songs in my spare time, despite the fact we had the remix we both knew was going to be on "Red"

  • The Driver - I had remixed this previously but I re-recorded and remastered the track down to make it cleaner. 
  • Spelunker
  •  Android (Eqavox Chiptune Remix) - This was the original remix that we both decided in the end was too similar to the original song. 
  •  Electro Gypsy (Chiptune Version) - I knocked this up in an hour for fun and it has turned out to be extremely popular which is amazing to me considering the amount of work that went into all the other remixes by comparison. 

I thought it would be a real shame to let so many tireless hours of work go to waste so I messaged Jonti asking if I could release the above as an EP. I didn't want them sitting and rotting away on a dusty hard drive somewhere - I wanted to make sure they got heard. Jonti agreed to the release so the world ended up with "Savlonic and Eqavox". You can check out the above tracks below.


Spelunker - Eqavox Remix

The Driver - Eqavox Remix

Android - Eqavox Remix

Electro Gypsy (Chiptune Version)

Have you seen him? He's from the future.

Computer Guy - Eqavox Remix

Grinder - Eqavox Remix

Wandering Eye - Eqavox Remix